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Support The Victory Celebration

August 28, 2018 8:00pm

THE THEATER at Ace Hotel
Los Angeles, California

In order to ensure the success of this tour, we are asking Victory's strongest base of fans, which are mostly located in the New York area, to assist us by buying tickets to support our ticket giveaways. We are planning to giveaway over 300 tickets in Los Angeles and the same for Detroit.

The general admission tickets are $40 and we are asking each fan to consider buying at least 2-4 tickets. Fans that sponsor other fans will be listed in the event program as ticket sponsors and will receive discounted tickets on future VICTORY Celebration concert touring in their area. 


If you want to purchase tickets to attend the concert please contact:

Donate Tickets to our Giveaway

Ms. Debra Lee

Ms. Debra Lee is the host of this event and she is the woman who stood at the helm of the BET Network for over 30 years and has now become one of Victory's biggest fans

Syncopated Ladies

Syncopated Ladies is a Female Tap Dance Band from Los Angeles, CA created by EMMY AWARD NOMINATED, tap dancer and choreographer, Chloe Arnold. Discovered at an early age in Washington, DC by legendary choreographer Debbie Allen, Chloe has since gone on to perform on stages around the globe. Learn more about them:

Infinity's Song

Infinity's Song was created in response to a demand for more acoustic sounds in wholesome and uplifting young adult music. In the beginning the group was comprised of Victory, Abraham and Angel Boyd, performing simple songs with just acoustic guitar and their voices. Israel and Thalia Mosaia later joined the group, and significantly added to the bands rich intricate harmonies.

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